Tuesday, February 9, 2010

509's Video


(With the name of Allah,the most gracious and the most merciful)

Actually,this  post is special as it was my first success to upload a video in You Tube.After waiting for 6 hours,at last I managed to upload the video.That's really not easy.So,attention to all Khaldunians(509's students),you may watch the video in You Tube.I will give the link for all of you.


Once,my mom told me that friends are just like balloons.if you dont tie them up ,the wind will fly them away.that is the reason why I always keep my friend in my heart.I do not want them to go away from my life ~by faris shinon

                  "Keep this memory flaming in our heart...FOREVER"

p/s: I can't to upload this video in this post.So,to watch it just click at the link.Thanks


nawal said...

jeles gile tgk vid korg!

Leonhart said...

Haha....silalah jeles....