Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday,Amirul!

Muhammad Amirul bin Razali/08.11.1992

This is a special post to my beloved friend,Amirul.Happy birthday,friend.Sweet 18th.Haha.You should become more matured(I don't think so!).By the way,thanks because be one of my friends. It's hard to find someone like you(don't be proud.haha).One in a million.Although, both of us not "chemically  combined" , we still can live together at " Bumi Waqafan".I can't forget the memories.Especially,when you become "Shira",a girl that message me.You are Shira,Shira are you.Huhu.

1.Happy Birthday and enjoy your life but don't forget Allah and Rasullulah.
2.Hope you always happy in your life and don't moody.:P 
3. Hopefully,both of us can score excellent result in SPM.InsyaAllah
4. Hopefully,you can achieve your dreams.Ameen
5.May Allah bless you forever.InsyaAllah

"HaPpY bIrThDaY"

               "SwEeT 18 tH"


khaliesah said...

gmbar isteri dye ke tuh?huhu

Leonhart said...

adek dya....

amierul said... baru pas spm la..lom kawin lagi..hahah..erm,,syaufiq thanks atas usaha posting pasal aq kat blog ko..hhaha..anyway,,thanks too 4 being my friend.....