Sunday, February 7, 2010

Please forget it!


(With  the name of Allah,the most gracious and the most merciful)

Actually,I don't have anything to say
But,I just want to express something.
Why others always critic us?
Yes.All of us weren't perfect.
But, if you want to critic someone,please behave yourself.
Don't be too emotional.I hate with this type of person.
 If you critic me for the  truth,I can accept it.
But, if you critic for something nonsense.
Please forget it!

p/s=Maybe this post too emotional.


khaliesah said...

alamak, aku ke?

Leonhart said...

x r. bkan ko....
x memasal sungguh...

aisya.lilac said...

Klu bkn dy,ak ke?

Leonhart said...

x memasal,haha
bkan korang la..haha
x de maknanya pown