Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Sekarang, sibuk dengan interview yg pelbagai. JPA,MARA, PNB dan lain2. Pertama sekali, tahniah kepada yang berjaya terpilih. Make the best preparations! A good prepations give you excellent result.
Interview is the best chance 4 you,to turn over the situations. From bad to good,or good to worst.
So,give all your best effort to make you selected for the scholarship. Ameen~

Act, sangatlah jeles. Hehe. Don't blame me. I'm just a normal person. Still have the sense of jealousy. Yup, I'm jealous to my friends. Mereka dapat p interview walaupun x pasti lagi utk dpt scholar tu atau tidak. Oh,God! Please give me the strength.

Tapi,credits to all my friends that gave me motivational advices.Ex:

" Ada yang lebih baik di masa hadapan"

" Rezeki ko bukan kat sini, mgkin di lain masa. Malahan lebih baik lagi"

" Yg ni mgkin bukan terbaik. Allah masih simpan yg terbaik itu pada masa yg lebih sesuai"

Yup.I agreed with all statements above. Allah is the best planner for us. Although, we planned well,if Allah thought that our plan doesn't good enough, how can we object it. Just take the positive side. YEah! That's the spirits.

"Today,I'm not somebody,but someday I'll be somebody":)

p/s= May Allah bless for all. Strive the best for the interview!



syafiqah; said...

aku pun jeles
itu rzki dorang kn

Leonhart said...

yup.betol tu:)