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This will be a long post. So,I suggest all of you to have a cup of Radix coffee(mai secawan) while you are reading this post.Haha. Just a joke. This post will totally in English and hafly in Malay(rojak jawalah aku gunekan). Ok,let me start the story.Please closed the door!And fired up the candles(tok kebayan nak citer ni)...

*side effect movie

Once upon a time,there was a  true story that really happened in Kelantan,a unique state with many specialities.A super duper event that...

Time: 3.00 p.m/20th July 2010.
Place:Somewhere in Kelantan.

A week ago..

Teacher Maheran,the English teacher wanted her students to speak English well. Thus,she decided to have a debate for the students. At first,we as the students have different reactions towards the suggestion. Some of us felt "cuak" because didn't have any experiences in debating. But, teacher's words is compulsory. So, we must follow it by "open heart".HAHA.(you totally in doubt,syaufiq).Ai,ai teacher..

*muka terkejut kena debate.

After preparing for one week,the debate happened. After burning the midnight oil just to find the information (this is absolutely a joke.I just online and online till the 2 pm).LOL. Oh yes,what is the title for our debate? I forgot to tell you. It was " Social Sites have more advantages than disadvantages". Yeah. A hot title and really suited me well as the Facebook addicter.Haha.Time for the "facebook tegar" to act.(diselangi dengan irama lagu Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue).*Pooower Rabger Light Speed Rescue!

*selingan muzik

my teammates.Saidatul Husna(Sai),me,Fatimah(Moh) and Hafizi(Fizi)
Don't comment on the position of the speakers.Haha.

The picture above told of you of my teammates. And,you can see that I was surrounded by two ladies. It's "cuak" ok. But,all of my teammates were very sporting,so we didn't have any problems on that.*(Aku dah berpeluh2 dah time ni. Seram sejuk ouh.Ish2.Nape eh?HAHA)

*muka seram sejuk

Our opponents. Majdeena, Mardhiah and Zaim. A fantastic group of people. Just like Fantastic 3. Not       many peoples have the specialites like them.Quite jealous.Huhu. (Hafiz and Hafizah tu!). (diorang berdiri je aku dah cuak.kalau start bercakap,mahu aku nak pergi tandas time tu jugak.Haha)

Btw,Syahmi was the honourable Mr.Chairman meanwhile Farahain and Hazzyah were the timekeepers.I'll promote them on my blog to thank them for their honourable works.(Aku dah promote korang ni.Meh ah belanja.Haha)


*muka mintak dibelanja

Format: Debate with the style of Teacher Maheran.
Then,the debate started with Syahmi opened the debate session. After that, it was Saidatul's turn to talk as the first speaker.(Sai memamng power bile cakap2 ni.Semua bahasa dia lancar je.Ish2.jeles.Lidah aku ni kan lidah Jawa).She talked on the meaning of social site randomly.And one point for the first speaker of the opponents,Majdina to fight back. Then,it was the turn of Majdina to talk. And,unfortunately,I didn't concentrate well to her talk as I missed some of her points. Maybe, I was daydreaming at that time(I'm really sorry.It's one of my lacks). Saidatul asked me whether I managed to catch up what Majdeena's said.With a confident voice,I said "Yes!". Then,it was my turn. My main point was social sites reduce the cost of communication. Bla...blaa....After finishing my turn,Sai asked me why I didn't fight back the point of Majdeena. I shocked."Oh man,I forgot about that.Really!"

*muka regret.HUHU

Mardhiah to talk.Zaim messaged.(Orang power ah katekan)

I can't do anything. My turn was over. So,I needed to go on. Maybe,it quite rude,but I can say that my point is strong enough. Sorry Mardhiah~ Just for fun ok. But, Mardhiah point for the disadvantages really superb and with her influency,its look alike a perfect combination.(Seram!!). Next,the turn of Fatimah. She also bit schocked at first because she also did not expected that this debate will have to fight back.Oh~ What the type of debate we had now? But,she can talk well and gave 2-3 points of advantages.Woa. What a great performances! During my turn,I'm only capable to talk just one point. Huhu.


Fatimah to debate.But..but..HAHA

Then,the most waited speaker,Zaim's turn. With his white black strives cloth,he seemed very confident. Fyi,before that,Zaim had asked Syeikhul Khabir,Bro Din to help him.LOL. He talked with highly boost confident and styles of a debater. Salute him very much! His voice was louder and really "jantan".HAHA.
And,he talked on the points that absolutely hard for the opponents to fight back. We as the gov,esp me felt like a butterfly on our stomach.It called "kecut perut lah" in Malay.Haha.(Aku memang dah buat macam gaya2 dah.Tonglat dagulah,balik kuanglah dan whatsoeverlah).


Next,it was the turn of Hafizi to debate. He was a facebook addict or Ustaz Yuzakki called it "facebook tegoi". Haha. He smashed back the point of Zaim in his own stylo way. Very relax and "sempoi". That's he. Always cool and handsome(maybe?). After 5 minutes,Hafizi ended his talk. It's time for the fourth speaker of opposition,Mutaqqi. Unfortunately,Mutaqqi can't made it due to several problems. So,teacher Maheran asked Majdeena, Mardhiah and Zaim to play the role of Mutaqqi.After mumbling around,they decided to choose Majdeena to play the role.And bla...bla.... It just same like before.

*muka boring.ish2.teruk tol aku.

Ok,finally its done. Before that,Syahmi asked both teams to give their resolution. After quick and short talked from both teams,he debate finally done.  Now,both teams are waiting for the result. Both teams have performed well. Congrats! But, the winning is not the important thing at all. The most important things is to build the confidence to talk in front of the peoples. That is right?(sambil angkat tangan).
*muka2 setuju

And the result was announced. Jeng!Jeng!...

*tertanya2 sape yg menang.aish

The best speaker for the government's side is Syaufiq.Oh no! It's me.How come I managed to get the best speaker after skipping one of the important steps.MasyaAllah.Saidatul,Fatimah and Fizi more deserved than me.Ish2.*Kembang2(eh2.Istighfar2.Ujub tu).

*muka x percaya dpt jd best speaker.                                               

Meanwhile the best speaker for the opposition's side is Zaim.He deserved for it as his voice was so "jantan".Haha. Mardhiah also deserved to get it.She spoke English fluently. But,according to teacher(ni cakap teacher eh.Bukan cakap aku,Haha), Mardhiah's voice was not louder enough.In debate,it's important for you to talk loudly and clearly. However,she absolutely good.(Eh,aku dah promote ko ni,x kan x de pape Mardhiah?)Haha.


For the overall result ,the goverment won the debate with the majority... er.I'm forgot about that. Maybe,I ate the "semut".Haha. Who won was not the important things.The most important is all of us happy,That's it. Super duper happy!

controversional picture.Haha.(Aku dah seram sejuk time ni)

*gambar muka cuak aku.seryes x tipu

What gonna work?? Teamworks.
*Apa yang pentinggg?? kerjasama.


p/s:what should I say more?Greaat!

~Dakwat habis daaa~


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