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Role play


I think that this will be a long  post. So, to make sure that all of you are not boring while reading this post, I suggest that you should have a  cup of  coffee at least. Haha. It will be much interesting if you do as I ask.
(Abang kebayan nak cerita ni.Syuhhh! Senyap)


This post will totally in English and Malay. No Hindi! Huhu.जहाँ भी संभव है. हिन्दी भी करना चाहते हैं
(1 Malaysia! Opps.Haha)

Stop with the nonsense talk. Let us proceed to the story. So,close the door and fired up the candles. The journey will begin..(Jeng2...)

Many weeks ago..

Somewhere in Kelantan, there will be a dangerous task from Madam Maheran, taht absolutely will shock some of the students and maybe a good news for the other students. It was roleplay! R.O.L.E.P.L.A.Y.
After debating, the time for roleplay to take over. As usual, the objective of this activity to build up the confidence to talk in front.  Different students have different reactions. For me, I'm totally " CUAK". yeah. I didn't have any talent in acting. LOL. Seriously. In Malay term. I'm " KAYU". haha. But, how can I do? I need to follow the instruction with a "fully open heart".HAHA.

We have to withdraw to form 4 group. Each group will have among 5-6 peoples. Once again, I get shocked!

Group 1: Hazzyah, Shamilah, Saidatul Husna, and SYAUFIQ.(please believe your eyes!)

Group 2: Farahain,Saabirah,Syakirah,Nabila,Aniss,Fatimah

Group 3: Saffiuddin,Hanif,Naqi,Muzakkir,Adly,

Group 4: Hazwan,Hafiz,Ashraf,Mardhiah,Majdina.

Wow? Yeah? Huh?Waa? I'm speechless! HAHA.

I'm the only men in the group. Really likes Boys Over Flower So sweet. But, I thought that it should be  Girls Over Ball. Haha. But,actually OH MY GOD! How it can be? I'm shy-shy cat and I have to act with the gilrs! Oh no!!!

I'm the ball.Haha

What can  I do? Just go on.( Are should I :)) OR :((?). You'll never walk alone!

After preparing for one weeks, it's the time for showdown. Come on ,guys! Let's rock and roll. Hoyeah!
All team had did their best to prepare themselves. Some of them, practiced till the night. They burnt the midnight oil, to produce a performance like the Hollywood stars in the film. Salute to them!

(Tabik toing2!)

At last, it's showtime! How they performed?  Like Brad Pitt? Or even worst than the robot? Let us read the reviews.

Arrangement of groups to perform>

1) Group 4
2)Group 3
3)Group 2
4)Group 1

Okay.The reviews of  each role play in short explanation

Group 4( Hazwan,Ashraf, Hafiz, Majdina,Mardhiah)

Synopsis: Hazwan, loved Ashraf in this story.(Yup! Ashraf became a girl and it's freaky awesome). Unfortunately, Ashraf died and this made Hazwan became crazy. Just because of love. What a pity man.
Mardhiah,as Hazwan's mother tried to cure his son by  met the shaman. Hafiz,the shaman actually doesn't have any power to cure Hazwan. After a few weeks, Mardhiah realized that the shaman's cure method was uselees. At last, she brought Hazwan to met the doctor.Majdina,the doctor told that Hazwan actually was suffering halunicitation.

:They really did it a good job! 5 stars performance. Hazwan,became the crazy man. And,honestly he suited that well. Maybe in reality?Haha. It was a funny performance! I'm laughed just like a child.Haha. The blue hippo song, the crazy-love hunter, Hazwan, the awesome mama, Mardhiah, the girl replica,Ashraf, cool ice,Majdina and the hippo shaman,Hafiz just made me laughed and laughed. They really talented and should be good actors and actress if they were in film industry.LOL.

Group 4~Berbakat giler nak mampos.Haha.

Euwwww.Aksi panas! oh ye, SWEET~

hippo shaman menurun ape tU? Sedut kepandaian Hazwan pikat gadis ke? Haha.

Group 3( Saifiuddin,Naqi,Anep,Muzaq,Adly)

Synopsis: Naqi,mujahideen army fought again Saifiuddin,who acted as Jew's army. Story became expanded as Naqi injured during the war. Adly came for a rescue. Muzaq and Anep,the doctors also came to cure the injured Naqi. The story turned to climax when Naqi was shooted by Saifiuddin and died. Adly,also suffered the same fate. But, the spirit of syahid turned Anep and Muzaq to kill the Jew. It was a tragically ending.

:HAHAHA. I'm laughed,laughed and laughed when watched this performance. 6/5 performance! They really made my stomach to sick because of laughed. They really mixed well the aspects of humour and serious. I love it. They did Matrix slow motion fighting, interesting Jus Tok Guru promotion, nice contact with the audience and many more. Speechless! I can't  see the weakness in their performance. Fun! Superb! Freaky Awesome!

matrix in action! Penuh berseni giler.Haha


Perarungan antara dua lelaki hot?Hot ke??

Group 2( Farahain,Saabirah,Syakirah,Nabila,Aniss,Fatimah)

Synopsis: Saabirah, was a student that have a dream to be a doctor. But, it's not easy for her to achieve the dream. Her mom,Farahain fallen sick and it's really disturbed her. But,she have best friends,Aniss and Fatimah that always support her.At last,after facing all the obstacles, she managed to graduate with the title of doctor. Life as a doctor was not easy. One day,she had to face a case where one lady,Syakirah can't accept the statement that her baby had died. Saabirah had to handle the situation as Syakirah become halfly crazy by kidnapped other child in the wad.

:All girls performance. And they liked Spice Gilrs! LOL. An inspired story and have good storyline. Sometimes, I just like to cry during watched this performance.HAHA. It's showed that life as a doctor was not easy. It's just about sacrifices to achieve the dream. Well done,gilrs!

Group 1( Hazzyah,Shamilah, Saidatul Husna, SYAUFIQ)

Synopsis: Hazzyah,Shamilah, Husna and Syaufiq were doctors. One day, they met at one cafe. And.the fashback was on. The life as HO that being scolded with the heartless MO. Life as physchiatrist,oncologist and whatsoever. It's all about doctors' life.

: It's my turn to perform.And,just one word to describe my performance, KAYU! stop. Meanwhile,my teammates' performances really nice. Hazzyah,really suited well with the FIERCE and HEARTLESS doctor. Haha. Sai's performance also excellent. Always steady and cool.Not forgot also to Shamilah. Excellent ok! The gimmicks really made well. Oh yeah, I sang the Waka Waka Eh Eh, during the gimmicks.Haha. Sai with the guitar gimmick, Hazzyah with 'mak cik jatuh penyapu" gimmick and Shamilah's interaction with the audience gimmicks.Huhu

malu2!haha sungguh! LOL

Time jadi orang berlakon.kena berhadapan dgn doc yg physcho lak tu.aish

Yeah! It's really fun.Overall, we realized that our confidence to speak in fornt was boosted up! Hoyeah.

What gonna works?


Yeah, teamwork. By did this roleplay, I learnt how to coorperate with the others especially the girls.Haha.

uish.tahulah cun,nak rembat dua lak tu.haha.

supporter2. siap ade sepanduk lagi.

and last but not least........

muke capap.HAHA. LOL

p/s; Marvellous! Enough.I'm going to speechless.

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