Sunday, December 26, 2010


salam alaik

It's Sunday morning and it's the first day in a week for a medic student in Zagazig University.

A stressful and hectic life last week as Anatomy exam took place and the preparation for the Malaysia Day.

It's kinda be okay overall. Alhamdulillah, praised to Allah.

I'm guessing that this week will be should be kinda busy too.

First of all, from Sunday ( 26/11/2010) , the Malaysians Community & Sawa Family New Year will begin until 2 January 2010.

My class, A1 are doing for the Wedding of the Malaysian. How it's going?

Let the time judge it.

Secondly, I will be the pemerhati for the Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan PCZ or something like that.


Just want to involve and see how the mesyuarat will held. Maybe, just like a spy. Haha.

Thirdly, of course I should do the revision for my previous lectures. It's a compulsory right?

I'm thinking that I'm doing smooth with the Anatomy currently. Alhadmulillah.

The biggest fear now is the Physiology. A lot of topics to cover as Cardiovascular System, Nerve and Muscles and many more.

Oh, Physiology, why you are so complex?

The words from the Department Books just like the history book. Fully sentence -.-

To increase my informations about the physiology, I'm currently searching for more informations via internet.

But, I need more time!



Allah had planned well. He gived 24 hours for me and others in a day.

Maybe, I should plan back my schedule for a better life. Hehe.

Ok, that's all.

Currently, so lazy to text something in the blog. But, many odeas come across to my mind. -.-

Life as a robot much better I guess :P

Pen off~

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