Monday, December 20, 2010


Salam alaik.

Mood: Happy, relax and litte bit headache.

And, here I come. After 2 days without updating anything for this blog, I seem want to update for a quick post. Just really a quick and hurry post. Is it not okay?

Ok, nothing to say much just like a makcik-makcik. Hey, I'm a straight person with a quiet personality.

In reality, 'Yes, I am"

but, in virtual world , " No, I don't"

I'm quite talkative virtually(of course through chatting in fb, ym and skype). But, in reality?

Just like Dr Hyde and Mr. Jekyll.

Really different. One bright side, and one dark side.

Ok, bright vs dark?

Theoritically, bright is good, and dark is evil.

Bright is angel, and dark is shaitan.

Yes, every human being have their own bright and dark side.

Human not perfect right?

But, don't ever forget that human is born to be better and better.

And, in Islam, this is called Hijrah.

"From worst to good, from good to better"

It's easy to say, but hard to do.

Just an example,

" Fb is really interesting stuff. You can connect with your friend. It's a medium for people to communicate and share their latest news, although one in America and another one in Malaysia. You can see their pictures, and even to stalk people.( btw, I'm a great stalker)"

But, until one point, you'll reach your limit. You'll find fb is very very very important in your life. More than anything. Morning, fb, evening, fb and night fb. Totally 24 hours facebook. You slowly decrease your time for studying and doing revision. And, the more important thing is you lost your time with your creator, Allah.

I'm admitting that I've reached this point. 24 hours facebook.

Yeah, I'm super "addicter". Everything is facebook, and facebook is everything.

That's me.

I can say that, Facebook is my dark side.

You can ask my classmates, how different I was, in facebook and in class.

Hipocrite right?

So, I've decided to fight with my dark side by deactivating my facebook account for unspecific time.

Maybe, it'll be one month, 2 month, even a year?

I don't know the specific one.

To make sure that I'm really serious in deactivating my account, I've asked my friend in Malaysia (super busy good friend) to change my password and keep it up , without tell me the new password.

It needs a lot of courage and hardship to pass through this war.

It's a war between myself. Mujahadah to fight your nafsu.

I've suffer a lot from facebook. Too many things happened because of facebook.

I've listed all the benefits and the bads of facebook.

And, for me

"Facebook have more bad things rather than the benefits to myself"

It's not easy, but it's not impossible.

Because , I know that,

" To be a better person, I must try to avoid the stuff that slows my process to be a better person".

Pen off~


MUJA said...

ingat nama aku td , haha

Anonymous said...

super duper busy:)

Sya.Ef said...

muja> haha. perasasn!

anonymous> dah tahu dah~~