Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malaysian students

Salam alaik.

Why Malaysian students can't succeed just like the Arabian students?


Well. it's about attitude of the Malaysians.

The lecturers, no matter what the subjects are, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology or Physiology, always reminded the students to study and do the revision.

" Ok, we will do the revision, doctor" answered the Malaysian.

Oh, it's just in mouth but completely zero in the action.

Facebook, downloading movies and other internet stuffs.

That're the Malaysian students' activities.

How come you want to get the mumtaz, but your effort just like a maqbul?


Oh yes, our parents paid rm 18,000, equally to 2000 usd dollars. It's a huge amount of money.

Yes, our backgrounds may different and not same. You came from doctor's family and silver spoon in your mouth.

But, it's about responbility, friends.

A responbility to attend the classes, get the new knowledge and return home to Malaysia with a flying colur result.

But, why and why , you're not attending the classes?

Hey, how gifted you are, if your attitude just like a rubbish, you are the completely loser.

One class is equally to rm 100. It's a huge value of money.

It's your parents money, not you!

Your parents are not sending their son or daughter just to relax and skip the class in Egypt,

They want me, you and everyone to study!

Okeh, it's enough.

Something must be doing to avoid this problem.

"Skip the class is a crime"

Pen off~

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MUJA said...

syaufiq, aku rasa something must be done lg sesuai kot :)

ma'alish. salam