Monday, December 6, 2010

Relieve :)

Salam Alaik

It's Monday. And, my life in this world become shorter.

Today, is the last day for 1431 Hijriah.

And, I think that, I have ended this year what something useful, and will always be useful. InsyaAllah.

All things happened will have reasons.

Relieve, yes I had relived. Thanks Allah.

It's not the right time for me maybe. Maybe , someday or maybe, no. Haha. Just follow what Allah had done for me. InsyaAllah~

Time to build back myself. Life just once, and I will not going to waste my chance. (tekad!)

Although,it's looks hard, I think that should be easy . Allah, I want to love you first.

It's easy to fall in love with human being, but it's always hard to fall in love with Allah :(

Yes, I admit it.

Ok, now it's the time for repairing and improving.


It's shows the answer. Now, time to apply it.

Pray for me, pals!

Honestly said, I'm feel very free. Allah still loves me.

"Allah menghapuskan apa jua yang dikehendakinya"

letak, genggam dan buang. Amin~

gtg to physio class.

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Anonymous said...

cintakan manusia berpaksikan cinta kpd Allah~