Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When I came for the first time,
My heart said that

" All this is crazy"
When I looked around
I was blurred
"Who are them?"
They are weird
I thought I had made the wrong decision ever
in my life
Can I survived with all of them
Let time to judge it

Seconds to minutes
Minutes to hours
Hours to days
Days to months
Months to years
Situation had changed
Deeply in my heart
said something that I never expected
"They are your best friends!!!"
I really did not understand
Why all these happened to me
I thought deeply
Tried to find the solution
At last, I knew the answer
The power of Friends.

All happy story must have an ending
After laughing together
Studied in a memorable class
All of us have to move away
Explore our own destiny
That God had gave to us
in this cruel world

I know that our heart 
will really miss each other
That absolutely will be
But believe that
Our memories are flaming
In our heart

May God bless you all.

when two peoples combine, the become one called,Friend.

-drsyaef , 120111-

-Dedicate to all my friends-

Friendship. One word but too many things inside it. It's abstract.

Friendship is just not a common relationship between someone with others. 

It's more than that.

Okay, I'm out of idea to define the actual meaning of friendship.

Honestly, I'm not quite good in friendship.

Yes. I'm comfortable to be alone.

But, I know that whatever happen,

I still need someone so-called, Friend.

And once again I said that,

I'm still searching for a really good friend.

Opps. Don't misjudging my statement.

I don't say that my currently friends not good.

All of them are superb fantastic.

But, I still feel that I don't meet yet the super duper best friend.

If I've any problems, I'm feeling more comfort to save it in my heart.

If it's too hard for me, I'll storying it to my closer friend.

Only few of them.

Maybe, I should increase my friendship skill.

I'm always thinking. It's keep circling in my mind.

" I should understand them" or "They should understand me" ?

I've try hard to do the first one. And, I'm still trying to do it.

But, how about others?

Are they are trying to understand me?

No answer.

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