Sunday, January 2, 2011

Renovation of the Year


Okay, I'm currently renovating my blog. To make it become more mature and more interesting. So, I've decided to change my blog's concept. Since, I'm going to be a real doctor, so why not I make this blog to become more doctor stuff?

The concept is just like a hospital, where the patients get their treatments.

My blog  will be the hospital. And, I,as the owner of this blog play a role as doctor. Isn't sweet?

I'll try hardly to fulfill the concept of a doctor in my writing, and I can say that I'm really need all of your feedbacks.

By the way, you shouldn't think that a doctor, is just to treat the patients physically.

But, the most important thing is our mentally or so-called "rohani".

That's the thing I try to mention in this blog.

Okay, this is just the beginning. Many more will come out later.

Insya Allah.

May Allah bless,

Dr. Syaef, 2.30 a.m,
Zagazig As-Sharqiyah


✖nedd✖ said...

i thot i like diz one. tp cm pmpuan pulak. eheh :))

Sya.Ef said...

haha. perempuan lah pulak.