Friday, January 7, 2011

Why we're sneezing when we're feeling cold?



Ouh. I'm sneezing. Non-stop since the last night. It's kinda irritated right?

No wonder I was caught into sneezing. The surrounding temperature was below 10 degree Celsius. w h o a!

I started to think why when it was cold, we're sneezing?

Do you know?

I'm betting that you don't know about that!

Okay, maybe someone from all of you know the reason. maalish.

I'm so sorry for underestimating.


Well, I'm just guessing all of you don't know about it.

Let's start.

Before that,

Let us start the mechanism or how the sneezing can occur.

Sneezing, some of us might thinking that sneezing is bad, but the fact that sneezing is actually a protective mechanism that protect our lungs from harmful substances.

1)A network of nerves lines the mucous membrane, making the nostrils highly sensitive to foreign objects or irritants.

2) When these nerves sense the presence of an irritant, they send an instant signal to the respiratory center in the brain, which in turn signals the breathing muscles to inhale. 

3)The muscles then close the airways, and the air pressure in the lungs rises. 

4)When this pressure reaches a certain high point, the airways open with an explosive release that carries everything in its way up and out of the airways and nose."

the mechanism

Okay, now all of you how the sneezing can occur.

The question is Why we're sneezing when we're feeling cold?

when we're cold

we're sneezing

Why? Why?


1)When you're feeling cold, your nasal cells are infected by a cold virus.

2) The body releases its own natural inflammatory mediators. Ex, histamine.

3) The released histamine and other mediators causes dilation and leakage of blood vessels and mucus gland secretion.

4) This dilation and leakage make the mucus membranes of the nose and throat are irritated.

5) Finally, Achoooooo~

*please refer above,on how the sneezing occur.

So, you already know why we're sneezing when we're feeling cold right?

That's great.


Achoo is just not a name or sound come out when we're sneezing.

Achoo is stands for Autosomal Dominant Compelling Heliopthalmic Outburst which is a syndrome, which is caused by the genetic autosomal dominant disorder that results in uncontrollable sneezing in response to numerous stimuli. 

Okay,that's all. See you next post!

Are we sneezing when we're in the water? -.-?

Pen off~


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