Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hold Together

Salam alaik.

 Since the moment I met you
with the moon shine brigthly
in the sky
I can feel something different
Happened to myself
Everytime I met you
I can't talk
My tongue seemed to be tied
It's looked silly
But it was reality
Who can't expect
that will be

All the day I passed
Like in the heaven
Full with memorable story
I loved it
I didn't want it to be lost
from my life
Forever and wherever
I will go
That absolutely will be.

But,the happy story was end
all the dreams broke
like a glass
God separated us
to different destiny
My heart strongly said that
"I want to be with you friend'
But, nothing I can do
As God had decided the
best for us
In this world

Although, we went to different way
I trusted that you
will never forget me
As long this heart can breath
for the air
I believed that
As the truth came
to shine my heart
from the dark
the truth still the truth
It will be last until
the end of the day..

Together forever
"poem by: Syaufiq 
picture by: Arham"


Maryam Hanani Abdul Razak said...

waa tak sangka pandai bermadah pujangga.bukn calang2 dokter ni, pndai sastera, pndai masak hehe :D

Dr. Syaef said...

dare to be an untypical doctor :)