Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let bygone be bygone

Salam alaik.

I'm at home and just doing nothing. Obviously, just online and searching from the net about anything that made me interesting. What a dull life I guess. Oh yeah, I'm writing this post in English since I hardly to write something in English during my times at Egypt. Cool yeah! There's only one simple minor exam for English subject for the whole 6 years at there  and guess what? You can prepare the answers before you entering the exam hall.

"Let the bygone be bygone"

Easy to say but really hard to do! Until now, I'm still slightly disappointing with my  final's result. Yeay, I managed to pass through to 3rd year and Alhamdulillah for it. But, you know that's feeling? The feeling you can't achieve your target. Haha. I admitted that second year was just like a honeymoon. So, that's my fault anyway. It's okay. I'm just the one who will be much stronger when got the failure. 

Maybe, you can call me Fendy after this? A New nick name for a new spirit? Fendy just so like Malay's actor whom is a super casanova. :p

Anyway, yes! The next final exam I'll coming back. Just wait it :)


To have the motivation is easy but the ways you maintain it are the key :)


Izzuddin said...

I agree with you,let bygone be bygone is easier said than do. Whatever it is you still have a long journey ahead of you and you should focus on that rather than regretting the past Fendi. Hehe, I like your new nick name.

Hikaru Yui said...

hai fendi... hehehe

Dr. Syaef said...

izzuddin: thank you, izzuddin :)

Hikaru: haha! sounds "geli"