Friday, July 5, 2013

Poem: Sadness

Salam Alaik

There's always be sadness
in our life
nothing can prevent us
from being sad
sometimes in our life
that's absolutely will be
as it's our destiny
that God gives to us
as a test
to make us
become stronger
to face the obstacles.

Sadness can be friend or enemy
when you faced sadness
what steps will you take?
positive or negative?
The ways you took
showed the real attitude
that expressed your real identity
maybe it's light
or maybe it's dark.

As you can overcome sadness
or sadness will conquer 
your soul 
deeply in dark prison
that located in your heart

Let's turn the sadness into the happiness
it is not impossible
as the miracles always exist
in our life
as the present from God

Syaef Fendy
The Expression

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